'Succesvolle start 2018'

January 26, 2018

Wat gebeurde er de afgelopen twee weken op Twitter, Facebook en LinkedIn? We hebben een samenvatting voor je gemaakt en praten je hieronder bij!

The successful Naval Robocode Event took place on Wednesday 24 January.

Almost 30 colleagues compete in a battle with self-programmed virtual ships.

@Thales, 24 januari 2018

Thales launches the New Generation Multi-Role Protected Vehicle

It's the Bushmaster MR6, for the export market

@Thales, 22 januari 2018


Everything connects to everything else, and your car is no exception. Thales is working with auto makers on a whole new automobile ecosystem approach against cyber-attacks for a safer ride.

@Thales, 22 januari 2018


In a world of perpetual infrastructure attacks, Thales fights back and creates a new cyberattack detection probe: Cybels Sensor.

@Thales, 21 januari 2018

Get the technology you can rely on under any circumstances with Thales Resilient Networks ...

In a world of new daily emerging threats, people around the world rely on you to protect their security. You rely on communication systems to help you share and exchange information securely and efficiently. Today, decisive interventions depend on instant interaction within the homeland and with projected forces, therefore resilient and real-time transmissions of voice, video and date become strategic assets. You need to be sure you can trust your network under any circumstances, and especially in case of a decisive moment like a crisis.

@Thales, 17 januari 2018

Thales is using innovative technologies to optimise #UrbanTransport capacity and save you time on your daily commute.

@Thales, 11 januari 2018

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