New Fire Control Radar for 7 French Navy frigates

December 07, 2018

The French Navy will be using seven Thales STIR-radars on their frigates for gun and missile fire control. Five radars will be installed in the French frigate program FTI, and two will be placed on board of the two FREDA-frigates.This all-weather fire control radar has superior stealth target tracking capabilities, even through severe clutter. The accuracy and reliability of the STIR is extraordinary high, even with multipath conditions. The first delivery is scheduled in the first half of 2020, and the following systems will be delivered in line with the shipbuilding program.

With this project, Thales will deliver the fire control radar STIR to the most advanced frigate of one of the world’s leading navies Paul de Ceuninck van Capelle, Sales Manager

About STIR 1.2 EO Mk2

STIR 1.2 EO Mk2 is the latest system for gun and missile fire control in the successful family of Thales Track radars. The superior stealth target tracking capability ensures optimal performance in demanding littoral environments. The dual band radar and a full EO suite provide excellent ECCM performance. High reliability and graceful degradation is achieved by applying new technologies such as solid state transmitters.