Marie Louise Aaskov Hansen: 'I want to work at Thales because it’s a market leading company'

August 07, 2018

Who are you and what is your new job about?

My name is Marie Louise Aaskov Hansen. I started as Offset Manager at Thales in Hengelo on August 1. I will contribute with a competitive edge for our bids through the creation of strategic partnerships with foreign companies and local joint R&D and production activities.

What did you do before Thales?

Before I joined Thales Nederland I worked in Copenhagen, DK as Head of Industrial Participation and Partnerships (Offset) at the Danish aerospace and defense company Terma Group.

Why did you choose Thales?

I want to work at Thales because it’s a market leading company that is constantly evolving, it offers best-in-class products for our customers and lots of opportunities for employees to grow professionally

How will the first months look like for you?

In the first months I expect that I will be spending a lot of time getting to know my colleagues, how they work, what programs they are working on and our strategy in terms of preparing for upcoming tenders. I will also spend a lot of time learning Dutch and getting to know my new country.

What is your ambition in Thales?

My ambition is to become known as someone that is dependable

I also want to deliver high-value expertise and build good team spirit with our customers, our local partners and within Thales through the execution of high-value offset programs that sets the bar for the competition.