Customers appreciate first edition of RCS User Group

April 20, 2018

Bringing together customers of a solution to informally debate product improvements and discuss the product roadmap is the goal of a User Group Meeting. On Thursday the 12th of April several public transport customers who use the BV600 validator gathered for this first session, initiated by Revenue Collection Systems. More then 800 BV600 platform validators are now operational in The Netherlands. Our customers have been informed about ongoing developments and together with the customers we listed, discussed and prioritized the vision of (public transport payment) functionality for the future.

The session was organized by a joint RCS France and RCS Netherlands engineering experts team. Geert Nieuwenhuis: “Standardization of software is important to achieve the goal of lower costs while introducing new functions quicker (in more frequent software releases). Standardization of the BV600 platform validator software is well under way so it was as a good moment to receive our customers’ feedback and discuss further developments and priorities. Because different customers have different needs it is a must to meet and discuss further developments and come to joint decisions about what is to be implemented how and when within the standard BV600 product roadmap.’’ The customers’ feedback on the first edition of the User Group Meeting was very positive, it have been experienced as useful and inspiring. From now on RCS User groups will be planned regularly.

Questions? Please contact Geert Nieuwenhuis, Innovation Manager.