Next-generation single-chip oplossing van Thales in de nieuwste smartphone van Samsung

June 16, 2020

De Samsung Galaxy S20 is het eerste en enige apparaat op de markt met de technologische doorbraak van Thales' - 's werelds eerste smartphones met een veilige single-chip-oplossing ter ondersteuning van zowel mobiele connectiviteit als vertrouwde contactloze services . Het gebruik van deze innovatieve verbonden eSE biedt nieuwe mogelijkheden voor de volgende generatie consumentenapparaten die een breed scala aan NFC2-services bevatten, waaronder beveiligde betalingen of transporttickets.

At Samsung, we’re constantly striving to provide consumers with the most advanced technology that will enable new and exciting experiences that people can trust. We’re excited to partner with Thales to offer Galaxy S20 users a unique solution that will offer seamless connectivity and robust security. The Galaxy S20 boasts the highest level of data protection and encryption with Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level (CC EAL) 6+ certification. This demands greater component miniaturization while maintaining an advanced level of security, ably demonstrated by Thales’ single-chip integration of eSE and eSIM. Daniel Ahn, Senior Vice President and Head of Mobile Security Team, Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics.
Continuing eSIM integration by the world’s leading smartphone brands, alongside the launch of next-generation devices such as the Samsung S20 range, will move eSIM-compliant smartphone shipments from 143 million in 2019 to in excess of 509 million in 2024. Phil Sealy, Research Director, Digital Security research, ABI Research
This partnership reflects Samsung’s deep trust in Thales, a world leader in eSIM technology and related subscription management services. Cutting the number of separate components needed within such devices also streamlines inventory and manufacturing processes, boosting productivity and profitability. Thales is uniquely placed in terms of its relationships with key service providers for contactless applications, including banks, mobile operators, automotive makers, transport providers and governments. Emmanuel Unguran, Thales Senior Vice President for Mobile Connectivity Solutions

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