Thales in top 50 of most popular employers

June 01, 2021

High-tech company Thales Netherlands is ranked 47th on a list of 130 Dutch employers, sorted according to popularity. This ranking is compiled annually in various categories by research firm and employer branding specialist Universum. The published results apply to the target group of technical HBO and WO students at Dutch universities and colleges. They give Thales a high score as an attractive potential employer.

Universum makes this list based on the so-called 'recruitment funnel': the 'journey' a potential applicant completes in search of a new job. This funnel comprises four stages: from awareness to consideration, and then from desire to application. The third step, the 'desire' ranking, indicates the extent to which young professionals consider companies to be one of their favourite employers. Universum has been gauging students' preferences for employers in the Netherlands since 2009.

Rise of 10 places

This year Thales is ranked 47th by the target group of 'technical students', - an increase of no fewer than 10 places compared to last year. According to Sigrid Reumer (Employer Branding Specialist Thales), this considerably higher ranking is due to the strong mix of offline and online visibility. "Team Thales Netherlands is growing pretty fast, partly because of the large number of assignments, the advanced technologies we're developing and the investments in research. To quickly attract the right candidates, it is very important to continuously invest in our visibility. We want to show future colleagues the great things we do and how we do them."

Students often cite challenge in their work, future salary and a working environment in which they feel respected as the most important factors when choosing an employer, according to Universum. That is why Thales makes those aspects of its corporate culture highly visible as well. "Diversity, flexibility, career opportunities: you shouldn't keep such things vague, but illustrate them through a practical approach. That is why we proactively approach students at different times through different channels: think of video campaigns on social media, fun workshops or demos at events, and for example, student ambassadors on the campuses of Dutch technical universities."

Comprehensive Universum report

The full report containing the list of 130 popular employers according to technical students was published today by Universum. A similar list will follow in September, but one with the ranking according to experienced professionals. Thales expects an increase there as well, based on its current flow of applicants, according to Reumer. "We are very pleased that so many people know how to find us and want to work with us on our innovations. Locally and internationally. Next year, we will be looking for 200 to 300 colleagues in the Netherlands, but we also offer great opportunities internationally. Aviation, aerospace, defence, cyber and transport: there are many excellent opportunities. I would like to invite everyone to visit!"