Brand new podcast In Cyber We Trust!

June 09, 2021

Are we currently involved in a 'cold war' that's completely taking place in cyberspace? And is the Netherlands under attack? Find out in our brand new podcast In Cyber We Trust!

The technological advances that are making our society smarter are also making it more vulnerable. Can we truly rely on that digital future we're trying so hard to build? The digitization of hospitals, electricity networks, bridges, factories and transportation does come with its fair share of risks. But what are the real threats that we should keep an eye on? And how can we properly protect our systems?

In this first episode former chief of defence Peter van Uhm, digital evangelist Steven van Belleghem and several malware and cyber experts look at the potential dark side of our critical infrastructure. So don't miss it, and listen to In Cyber We Trust wherever you get your podcasts, such as on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or Google! [Podcast is in Dutch.]