Reservists day at Thales Hengelo

October 05, 2021

Whoever visited the High Tech Systems Park in Hengelo today could not have missed it: four enormous army vehicles were parked in front of our doors. Why? Well, because our partner the Ministry of Defence is looking for more reservists - and reservists contribute to our national security. With more temporarily deployable reservists, the adaptability and flexibility of the armed forces will increase. We support this initiative and are happy to give more colleagues the opportunity to become reservists. That's why we organized an internal Reservist Day together with the Ministry of Defence today!

The early morning arrival of the vehicles attracted a lot of attention (you don't see an armored howitzer reverse parking every day), but during the lunch break the area really buzzed with interested people. Members of the armed forces spoke to our colleagues and answered their questions about being a reservist. Our own active reservists also shared their experiences, of course. It’s not just Thales and other companies at the High Tech Systems Park that were present by the way, students from the Bataafs Lyceum also came to take a look. We think it is important to show the talents of tomorrow at a young age how great it is to work in technology and digitization – and at the Ministry of Defence of course.

Working as a reservist offers the best of both worlds. You often have convenient, relevant (specialist) knowledge and capabilities, which are very valuable for specific branches of our armed forces. Reservists also gain new knowledge and experience during their training and deployment at the Ministry of Defence that they can take with them in their daily life and work – in our case at Thales. For example, how great is it to work on the GM200 MM/C radar as a Thales engineer, and then operate it in the field as a radar operator at the Ministry of Defence?

The Reservists Day can already be counted as a success: quite a few interested people registered on the spot! Are you also interested, or do you want to know more? Take a look at