Launch of the world’s first quantum resistant network encryption solution!

May 05, 2021

Together with Senetas, we have launched the world’s first quantum resistant network encryption solution, capable of protecting customer data (at speeds up to 100 Gbps) against future quantum attacks! Regarded as among the most significant threat to cybersecurity, quantum-computing looks set to render many of today’s security methods, such as encryption, obsolete.

It’s estimated that a working quantum computer outside a lab environment will be a reality within the next five to 10 years. Hackers harvesting encrypted data today, will come unstuck when attempting to break data with that supercomputing power in the future. However, the adoption of the new standards will protect any critical data and continue to render the data useless without the correct key.

Future protection

The solution by Thales and Senetas solution supports the latest European Telecommunication Standards Institute standards for how quantum keys are created, protected and distributed. Enabling customers to combine both conventional and quantum resistant encryption in a single network security platform, our solution provides long-term data protection in a quantum world.

As quantum computing becomes a reality, organisations around the world should develop a quantum security strategy and start planning to implement quantum resistant encryption sooner rather than later. This is the first to market high-speed network encryption platform that provides quantum resistant encryption with today’s encryption technology. Our government, defense and business customers can make a secure transition to a future quantum-safe world knowing data is protected for the long-term. Andrew Wilson, CEO Senetas
It’s vital that businesses understand that all of today’s encryption standards are not fit for a quantum world. Hackers know quantum is coming and are actively working to steal data now so they can access it in the future, and large and multi-national organisations are most at risk due to compliance and privacy mandates. Businesses can’t afford to wait, the time is now to review their security quantum strategy. Todd Moore, vice president encryption solutions Thales