Launch IT/OT Cyber Defense Game

June 03, 2021

Don't download something from an unknown source, do use complex passwords... Most of us are familiar with the basics of cybersecurity and defence by now. But what about your IT/OT knowledge: cybersecurity regarding operational techology? Test your skills in our new game!

In the game you will be dodging cyber attacks, and after each level you will be asked questions that'll earn you security points. The further you advance, the faster the attacks occur and the more difficult the questions become. Are you up to the challenge? Then try your luck via this link. You can play it on your PC/laptop as well as on your mobile. Good luck!

Why IT/OT Cyber Defense?

Most companies think of cyber crime as attacks on the corporate IT network. Think of a DDoS attack that brings down a service, malware that steals company information or a database that is contaminated with incorrect data. However, the days when hackers only targeted traditional IT environments are long gone. Increasingly, they are also targeting the OT (Operational Technology) environment, the environment of, for example, energy companies and factories. And there the damage is much bigger. Just think, a critical OT business process that is stopped just like that can mean that the production lines in a factory are at a standstill, that terminals are closed, or even that bridges no longer open. The consequences are unimaginable.

Free whitepaper with practical tips

Cyber security for OT therefore deserves great attention. Especially now that OT environments are becoming increasingly dependent on IT, an integrated (IT/OT) approach to cyber security is even more important. This is why, after the game, you have the option of downloading our newest whitepaper on IT/OT cyber defense. This includes information on securing operational technology, the future of this field, a business case and more on how to monitor in an OT environment. In short, free tips & tricks you can use right now!