In Nieuwsuur: influence of the war in Ukraine on the Dutch armed forces (and Thales)

February 01, 2023

Nieuwsuur (a Dutch current affairs television program) viewers will have seen Thales in the broadcast of January 31 last night! The full item was about the Dutch armed forces, which are allowed to spend considerably more budget for the first time in decades. Spending that money optimally, requires long preparation times and extra efficient collaboration between industry and government. Together with the Ministry of Defence, knowledge institutes and other industry partners, we do everything we can to support each other as well as possible.

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The item highlighted the increasing demand for products from defence suppliers, and what this means for the industry. In short, for us it means scaling up further and working together smarter where possible. We were already working on this well before the war in Ukraine, in response to previously signed, extensive contracts with various NATO countries. With all renewed priorities in mind, we are of course as flexible as possible towards our customers, and we are doing everything we can to help them overcome their challenges. Our close cooperation with the Ministry of Defense in the Netherlands and with our various partners in Europe is extremely valuable in this regard: together we are stronger and we can work faster! In March, when we announce our yearly financial statement, we will further discuss the impact of the war on our work.


The fact is that we have been growing steadily for several years now. Last year, for example, we hired around 400 new colleagues, and we hope to welcome 400 more this year. Want to contribute to high-tech solutions that make our society safer? Want to join us in building a future we can all trust? Check out!