Green mission Thales Group: net-zero emissions by 2040

October 06, 2021

Both here in the Netherlands as within the entire Thales Group, we're working towards important goals regarding climate and corporate responsibility. For instance, we're making sure to follow the EU's plans to lower CO2 emissions by 50% in 2030. And that's not all, as promised during our ESG day for Thales Group investors yesterday. We're planning on reaching net-zero emissions in 2040.

ESG, or ‘Environmental, Social & Governance’, of course covers more than just emissions. Other important topics discussed during the event were:

1. The Group expects to adopt eco-design principles for 100% of its new products and services by 2023.

2. We're stepping up the development of quantum technologies (sensors, communications and post-quantum cryptography), which will deliver significant gains in environmental performance.

3.Digital transformation is driving demand for greater commitment to ethical practices. New technologies can and should only be trusted and accepted in our everyday lives if companies make ethical commitments to act with greater transparency and inclusion. This is why we published a Digital Ethics Charter, which fir instance outlines our approach to AI and biometrics.

Click here for more info on our ESG action plan!