Honorable mention for most transparent group report

November 30, 2021

As a high-tech company committed to safety, we find being transparent about our societal value creation of the utmost importance. That is why we are extremely proud that we received an honorable mention this afternoon for the most transparent group report! This prize is part of the Transparency Benchmark organized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate and the Netherlands Professional Organization of Accountants (NBA).

When it comes to laws and regulations and integrity, we always set high standards throughout the Thales Group a. You have to, if you want to build a future we can all trust. Receiving this award based on the Transparency Benchmark is therefore the icing on the cake for us, and underlines that we are on the right course.

Jury theme 2021

This year's jury theme was 'transparency about the impact of climate factors in the light of other global challenges'. The assessment of submitted reports was based on the pillars of governance, strategy, risk management and objectives, plus climate risk indicators. Do organizations pay sufficient attention to the short and long-term risks and opportunities as a result of climate change in a national or international context? And to what extent are organizations transparent about this? The answers to these kinds of questions were sought in the submitted reports.

Honorable mention

Ab van der Touw, former CEO of Siemens, and chairman of the Crystal Jury Monika Mils announced the 'Honourable Mention - Best Group Report'. Communications director Job van Harmelen accepted the award on behalf of Thales, and also thanked all colleagues who worked hard on our Group’s report. “Next year, we will have been working together with the Ministry of Defense and knowledge institutions for over 100 years in the Netherlands, to make our society safer. Working sustainably and communicating transparently strengthens confidence in our solutions. That is why we do our best every day. We are very happy with this honorable mention!”