This Thursday: free Campus Café Workshop with Thales speakers!

November 15, 2021

Have you ever been to a (digital) Campus Café event? This is a Twente initiative that brings the local innovation community together with breakout sessions about new technologies, innovative and international entrepreneurship and the retention of talent. This edition is extra special for us, because we also host workshops ourselves: about Human Brain Interfaces, among other things! How can we make better use of the enormous speed our human brain can produce when interacting with our systems? How do we keep people as the core players? And will we all get a USB port soon?

This is not all of course! E-sports, production technology (OT) & hackers: interesting workshops aplenty (in Dutch)!

3:30 pm | The Future of Human Machine Interface

How will we communicate with our systems in 10 years? Nowadays we are used to a screen, keyboard and mouse. The amount and speed of relevant information that we receive every day is increasing exponentially. That is why we are investigating how we can make better use of the superior speed of action of our human brain in interaction with our systems.

3:30 pm | Community building by Esportladder

Connecting with a potential employer or fellow engineer at another company is not easy for everyone. How cool is it then that you can use your favorite hobby to connect? Assistant Professor Guido Bruinsma of the University of Twente, together with other researchers and the Esports Team Twente, focused on the development of the Esportsladder. A portal where you use your favorite games to broaden your network. The combination of game competitions, creating profiles and easy connection options means you can expand your network in no time in a way that suits you as a gamer! By putting a 'layer' over the entire game community (which is big!), Guido thinks he has a nice competition and community building tool in his hands. But now we are curious: what do you think? Get a sneak peek into the Beta version of Esportsladder during the Campus Café and discover what Esportsladder can do for you. We'd love to hear your opinion!

4:30 pm | OT & IoT – a hackers’ paradise

More and more production technology (OT) is linked to the internet and is therefore of great interest to other parties. The same happens with many devices and technology in the public space. How do we use the power of these links to innovate faster and how do we keep nightmare scenarios at bay? Find out in this hands-on session.

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