Cybersecurity at sea (interview

May 03, 2021

In collaboration with Thales, will be publishing a monthly article on a topic that is relevant to many navies now or in the future. From cyber to autonomous systems! In part 1? Cyber security at sea!

Cyber-attacks happen every day. Large commercial organizations are often targeted, but governments have also faced attacks. The mentioned targets have one thing in common: they are targets on land. Are ships invulnerable? No, and fortunately more and more attention is being paid to cyber security at sea.

René van Buuren is cybersecurity expert Naval at Thales Netherlands. spoke to him about digital defence at sea: “Information security has been around for a long time. But with the advent of the internet it has exploded and we call it cybersecurity. Partly thanks to office automation, everything in companies was suddenly connected to the internet and therefore vulnerable. And in my world, a naval ship is similar to a land based organization, with potential vulnerabilities, which are often interconnected."

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